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What makes our Kanji study
methods effective to learn Japanese?


Lessons & Reviews

Radicals, kanji, and vocabulary are taught to you through lessons using mnemonics.

You can practice these items via reviews until recalling has become not necessary anymore.

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Spaced Repetition System

Our website is more than just flashcards. Our Algorithm adjusts the time between reviews for each item, calculated by your last correct answer.

This way you'll learn radicals, kanji, and vocabulary at the optimal time for you. This guarantees success.

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Radicals are the building blocks of Kanji. We use them to help you memorize kanji items within minutes.

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Learn over 2,200 kanji that are hand-picked and cleverly ordered by the Japanese Language Test system. This way you can learn the kanji meanings and readings more efficiently.

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Kanji is great, but let's be honest, without vocabulary you don't have much. Learn thousands of Japanese words that are cleverly ordered by the Japanese Language Test system.

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