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Thanks for using our products and services (“Services”). The Services are provided by My Kanji App, located at Daito-cho 3-9-5-905 〒534-0002 Miyakojima-ku Osaka City Japan.

By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully.

1 Accounts

You must register for an account by connecting through an available social media account such as Facebook, Twitter or Google or by providing a username, a valid email address and any other information we may require from time to time. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Account details and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your Account. Your Account must be used only by you and must not be shared with, or transferred to any other individual. You must immediately notify us via thekanjiapp[at]gmail.com of any suspected or actual, unauthorized or fraudulent use of your Account or any other breach of security.

1.1 Account Requirements
  • — Humans - You must be a human to register an account on our website. Bots and automated methods are not permitted.
  • — Usernames; You cannot use usernames that are subjected to any rights of another person or entity without appropriate authorization.
  • — Children - To the extent of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, this website is not aimed at children and does not seek to collect personal information from children under 13. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to register on this website.
1.2. Account Security

You are responsible for keeping your account secure at all times.

  • — You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and password.
  • — Account must be used only by you and must not be shared with, or transferred to any other individual.

You must immediately notify us via thekanjiapp[at]gmail.com of any suspected or actual, unauthorized or fraudulent use of your Account or any other breach of security.

1.3. Content Restrictions

You agree that you under any circumstances will not create or upload any content that:

  • — contains sexually content
  • — contains discriminatory or abusive content towards others
  • — contains proprietary rights of any party, including patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, or other rights.
1.4. Conduct Restrictions

While using our website, you agree that you will not under any circumstances:

  • — Breach, violate or infringe in any way upon the intellectual property rights of any third party;
  • — Cause harm to minors in any way;
  • — Intimidate, stalk, mock, lambast, scare, pervert, or otherwise harass another individual;
  • — Be used to intentionally or unintentionally contravene or in any way not comply with regional, national and international law;
  • — Be used to forge headers or otherwise manipulate any content transmitted through the Service in order to disguise its origin;
  • — Overburden, damage or impair the operation of the App, Website or the Services;
  • — Be used as a forwarding service to another website;
  • — Harvest or collect email addresses or other personal information from other users for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to sending unsolicited emails or messages;
  • — Be used to register for more than a small number of Accounts;
  • — Be used to register for an Account for anyone other than yourself;
  • — Be used to register for an account for which you falsely state personal information or otherwise misinterpret yourself.
1.5. Content Responsibility

You are entirely responsible for the User Content that you Post. We do not guarantee the accuracy, or integrity or quality of any User Content posted by other users.

1.6. Our Rights

We have the right to remove content or close accounts that do not comply with our Terms of Service.

1.7. Usage Limits

You agree to not reproduce, copy or sell any portions of our service without our written permission.

1.8. Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously. Any personal information you submit to us when setting up an Account shall be subject to our Privacy and Cookie Policies located at https://www.mykanjiapp.com/privacy/ which are incorporated into these Terms. You understand that through your use of the Services, you consent to the collection and use (to the extent stated in the Privacy and Cookie Policies) of this information.

2. Pricing

When you agree to a subscription price, this price will remain your price for the duration of the payment term; however, prices can change at the end of a payment term.

2.1. Premium Memberships

We will immediately bill when you upgrade from a free account to a premium account. The payment will be taken from the credit card that is provided. A Premium membership period begins on the date that service is added and ends a month or year after the date, depending on the plan selected.

2.2. Billing Schedule

For monthly and yearly payments plans; the payments for these plans are billed in advance at the beginning of each period.

2.3. Refunds

Refunds may be requested within 60 days. Refunds can be requested by contacting our support team.

2.4. Responsibility for Payment

You are responsible for providing us with a valid means of payment for your paid accounts. When a payment can’t be taken, the service will be ended without any notifications. Free accounts are not required to provide payment information. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

2.5. Authorization

By agreeing to our pricing terms, you are permitting us to charge your credit card or any other provided method.

3. Liability

We do not take any responsibility, and we are not liable for any damage caused through use of products or services from this website. You can use My Kanji App as it is to learn Radicals, Kanji, and Vocabulary. If you found a mistakes, corrections or you have any questions regarding the terms of use outlined here; please do not hesitate to contact us.