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Kanji Lessons

Lessons & Reviews

Radicals, kanji, and vocabulary are taught to you through lessons using mnemonics.

You can practice these items via reviews until recalling has become not necessary anymore.

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Kanji SRS

Spaced Repetition System

Our website is more than just flashcards. Our Algorithm adjusts the time between reviews for each item, calculated by your last correct answer.

This way you'll learn radicals, kanji, and vocabulary at the optimal time for you. This guarantees success.

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Kanji Mnemonics


We use mnemonics to teach you every single radical, kanji, and vocabulary in the Japanese language. We make sure that you waste less time and learn within minutes.

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Kanji Community

Community Board

Learning kanji can be quite a difficult task. With our community board we'll try to make this fun and easy.

Post your knowledge, Ask questions or use our Community board as a resource to teach and learn more about Japanese.

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Kanji Prizes


You can win Prizes by earning points throughout the website. See if you can reach the top of the leaderboard!

Upgrading your account will not only unlock premium features, it will also unlock your potential to create something great!

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